SOI Image-Based Layouts (Pretty SOI)

February 19, 2021

For simple opt-in campaigns, there are now two creative types that you can split test against each other; the Text-Based and Image-Based creative types. These two creatives work well on individual campaigns and are highly recommended to split test the text-based version against the image-based version to see which type works best for your campaign. 

What it is: An image-based layout that looks like a display ad. This layout allows you to have all of the same marketing text as the text-based version, in addition to display ad benefits such as customization and GIF animation.  

Why should you use it: Increasing the CTR opt-in percentage on your existing campaign increases your eCPM organically, so you don’t need to raise your bids to increase your eCPM.

Key Benefits: Image-Based SOI gives you the ability to split test by creative type.

How to implement: Upload image-based creative into the platform.  

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