Campaigns – Link Out

Some call them ‘ads’, others say ‘offers’, and we call them ‘campaigns’ – but all of these industry terms are 100% synonymous.

Our Link Out campaigns are great for grabbing attention and clicks. Pick where you want to send visitors after they click your ad. Want to send them to your registration funnel? You can. Want to send them to your custom lander? Yep, you bet. 

In order to create a campaign on the Zeeto Ad Network, you’ll need the following: a creative, an active Bid amount, a destination URL, as well as suppression details.

What do I need in order to create a new campaign?

  1. Start by picking your campaign type, in this case, choose Link Out. 
  2. Name your campaign
  3. Select a rate type
    Note: Cost Per Click is the only rate type currently available
  4. Select at least one vertical
    Note: While verticals are required, they will not impact your campaign
  5. Control how often a visitor sees your ad with Visitor De-deuplication
    1. Frequency cap; Control how many times a visitor can see your ad over a period of time.
    2. Conversion limit; Set the number of times a visitor can convert on your ad over a period of time.
  6. Set a daily budget and any other optional budgets
    Note: Leaving daily budget at $0.00 is the same as having an unlimited budget.
  7. Set your campaign schedule
    1. Choose to have it run all day/every day
    2. Build a custom schedule by choosing the days and hours your campaign will run
  8. Double check your work, make sure everything looks good, then click ‘Save’.

To launch my campaign:

  1. One creative is mandatory
  2. An active Bid
  3. A destination URL
  4. Suppression (optional)
  5. Select ‘Active’ on the campaign Tab