Campaigns – Link Out

How do I create a Link Out campaign?

  • Start by picking your campaign type, in this case, choose Link Out. 
  • Name your campaign. Make it specific and memorable. Hopefully, you’ll have a quite a few campaigns so you’ll need to differentiate between them!
  • Select a rate type. This is how you want to bid on leads.
    Note: Choose between ‘Cost Per Click’ (CPC) or ‘Cost Per Acquisition’  is the only rate type currently available
  • Decide if you want to use ‘Optimized Bidding’, also known as oCPA. This feature is optional and can be turned off at any time.

    • When you toggle ‘Optimized Bidding’ to ON, you will see a new column named ‘Goal oCPA’  on the bids tab of your campaign.
      NOTE: If you already made bids then you will see the amount of your bid printed in the column named ‘Goal oCPA’. The column named ‘Current Bid’ will reflect what your optimized bidding amount is.

    • Your current bid will never surpass the goal oCPA you’ve chosen. 
      WARNING! When enabling this feature, oCPA goals will be automatically calculated, double check them before you activate your campaign.

    • Zeeto automatically optimizes your targets’ bids every hour towards a goal optimized cost per acquisition (oCPA).

  • Select at least one vertical. Can’t decide on just one vertical? Don’t worry, you can add as many as you’d like!
    Note: While verticals are required, they will not impact your campaign

  • Set your impression limit.  Control how many times a visitor can see your ad over a period of time.
  • Set your conversion limit. Choose the number of times a visitor can convert on your ad over a period of time.

  • Setting budgets are optional. Spread your money out by using the hourly budget feature and avoid spending all of your money at once.
    Note: Leaving daily budget at $0.00 is the same as having an unlimited budget.

  • Set your campaign schedule. Choose to have it run all day/every day or build a custom schedule by choosing the days and hours your campaign will run.
  • Click ‘Save’, double check your work first and make sure everything looks good!

Now that I’ve created my campaign how do I activate it?

First off you need to make sure you’ve added the following items to your campaign before you can change your campaigns status from ‘Paused’ to ‘Active’.

  • A creative
  • An active bid
  • Lead delivery (optional)
  • Suppression (optional)
  • Select ‘Active’ on the campaign Tab