Simple Opt-In (Email) Campaign

How do I create a Simple Opt-In (Email) campaign?

  • Name your campaign. Make it specific and memorable. Hopefully, you’ll have a quite a few campaigns so you’ll need to differentiate between them!  
  • Select a rate type.  This is how you want to bid on leads.
    Note: Cost Per Lead is the only rate type currently available.
  • Select at least one vertical. Can’t decide on just one vertical? Don’t worry, you can add as many as you’d like!
    Note: While verticals are required, they will not impact your campaign.

  • Select what information you want to collect from visitors
    • Email
    • Phone
      Note: You can only collect phone numbers if you are running a Simple Opt-In (Phone) campaign. Gotta stay TCPA compliant.
    • Physical Address
    • Name

  • Set your impression limit.  Control how many times a visitor can see your ad over a period of time. 
  • Set your conversion limit. Choose the number of times a visitor can convert on your ad over a period of time. 
  • Decide if you want to validate visitor emails with a third party. If you choose to use this tool be sure to set up an account with the third party you’ve selected.  

  • Setting budgets are optional. Spread your money out by using the hourly budget feature and avoid spending all of your money at once.
    Note: Leaving daily budget at $0.00 is the same as having an unlimited budget.

  • Set your campaign schedule. Choose to have it run all day/every day or build a custom schedule by choosing the days and hours your campaign will run.
  • Click ‘Save’, double check your work first and make sure everything looks good!

Now that I’ve created my campaign how do I activate it?

First off you need to make sure you’ve added the following items to your campaign before you can change your campaigns status from ‘Paused’ to ‘Active’.

  • A creative
  • An active bid
  • Lead delivery (optional)
  • Suppression (optional)
  • Select ‘Active’ on the campaign Tab