Placements are your very own, customizable, money-making machine! Get started by heading over to the Placements page either by using the navigation or clicking on a property and choosing ‘Placements’ from the action menu. Once there click the big blue button ‘Add Placement’.

Name the placement; Make it something unique so you can quickly distinguish it from your other placements. Add a description; This is more for the advertiser’s benefit so they know how much they want to bid on your placement. Assign it to a property; Placements need a home, select which one of your properties the placement belongs to.

When filling out the ‘Type of Placement’ section keep in mind that none of the information you provide will affect the performance of your placement. The information you provide helps the advertisers understand what type of placement they are bidding on.

Definitions of the options:

  • Website; Use this for web-based placements.
  • Select where your placement will be located:
    • Registration is where your visitors register for your site or service.
    • Incent (or Incentive) is where visitors are rewarded for completing a registration or some other type of goal.
      Example Get a free sample of laundry detergent by answering a couple of quick questions!
    • Interstitial is an “in between” location. This is a page that is inserted into the normal flow of a website for the purpose of advertising or promotion.
    • Micro Transaction Alternative is If you want your visitors to go through the placement experience instead of paying a fee.

    • Pay-wall is a single page that holds many different offers and/or campaigns.
  • Device type(s) 
    • Desktop
    • Mobile
    • Tablet

Once everything is filled out click Save! Make sure to set up at least one monetization strategy and one theme.