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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Our invoices got an upgrade!

We’re excited to introduce the latest updates to Zeeto’s billing process. We’ve heard your feedback and are excited to announce our new detailed invoices and accounting reports in the ZAN platform.

What’s new?

Invoice line items got a makeover. Gone are the days of general ZAN “RON” and “O&O” Leads. You can now find your “Payable to Zeeto” cost per campaign detailed out on every invoice.

Better reporting visibility. You can view and cross-check past invoice details in ZAN too! Head over to the “Accounting” tab in the Reports section to see your total cost by campaign and amounts payable to Zeeto. You can also travel back in time and filter by date to get that all-important historical data.

Note: For additional information about historical data, please contact your account manager.

No more manual roll-ups. Have more than a single ZAN account? No sweat! You can find the same Advertiser and Publisher Reports in the shared client spaces within Looker. Use these reports to access roll-up data for all of your individual Zeeto accounts into one usable report.

Cost vs. Payable to Zeeto? Help!

“Cost” is the total ad spend for your campaign in the network, calculated by multiplying the bid rate times each conversion and then summing those amounts for the time period of the report.

“Payable to Zeeto” is the percentage of cost that is owed to Zeeto. This amount is determined by multiplying revenue share times cost. Revenue share amounts are different for cases when your campaigns convert on network properties and when they convert on a property that is owned-and-operated (O&O) by you.

How do I know the difference?

When Cost and Payable to Zeeto amounts are the same...

In this scenario, your campaign(s) only converted on network properties and therefore Zeeto will collect 100% of your ad spend to pay the Publisher(s) after Zeeto takes our revenue share.

NOTE: If you are only an advertiser in ZAN, your Cost and Payable to Zeeto amounts will always match.

When Cost and Payable to Zeeto amounts are different...

In this scenario, some or all of your campaign(s) converted on your own O&O properties, meaning Zeeto only collects a portion of your ad spend based on our revenue share.

NOTE: If you are also a Publisher in ZAN, you will likely see these variable cost amounts on your invoices. 

“Is Related” Dimension… Yes vs. No?

As an Advertiser, you may also pivot your cost data by the Publisher relationship using the “Is Related” dimension in Looker. Your “RON” cost is shown when “Is Related = No” and “O&O” cost when “Is Related = Yes.” Easy as that!

LTV Metrics

Monday, June 17, 2019

LTV pixels are a great way to monitor how awesome your campaign is performing, and we have the metrics to prove it. On the bids tab you can find conversions, revenue, cost per conversion, conversion rate, and ROI for the "purchase" LTV pixel. Find the targets that give you the best ROI and adjust bids accordingly.

Targeting 2.0

Monday, June 17, 2019

Hold on to your hats everyone, attribute targeting just got a big update. Move at mach speeds as you select multiple attributes and assign them to a group with one click. This is a big win for discoverability since the increased real estate allows us to display more attributes on the page along with their definitions. Making sure you target your exact audience has never been easier. We're not done yet though, stay tuned for future improvements that we think you're going to love.

They can't all be winners.

Monday, June 17, 2019

In this network, the competition is stiff. Setting up campaigns to win is key! After letting a campaign run long enough to have had a fair chance of succeeding, ZAN deactivates it if it isn't performing well for you. Top causes include things like incorrect or wonky attribute targeting (hint: this is the most common issue), CPA campaigns with pixel issues, and bidding that isn't competitive enough to gain volume. Failed status is a point of no return for that campaign. If you think it should have done better, and may have just had one of the issues mentioned above, you can create a new campaign in its place with the adjustments to give v2.0 a better chance. As always, please contact your account manager or our client success department for help if you need it.

Queued Up

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Big news advertisers, all creatives added to ZAN must be approved by a Zeeto admin. The review process should be complete within two business days, barring the zombie apocalypse. While your creative is pending approval it will not be displayed, we run a tight ship here, so we need to make sure the ads on our network are the cream of the crop. Keep in mind, if you only have one creative, you won't be able to set your campaign active until the creative has been approved. Don't worry though, if your creative is denied, one of our friendly Zeeto agents will reach out and work with you to iron out any kinks.

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