Creative Approval

June 27, 2019

Creative Approval

It’s important to keep creatives safe and appropriate for everyone. All creatives are reviewed to make sure they comply with Zeeto’s creatives policies.

How it Works

Creative approval status is automatically set to “pending” after you add a new or modify an existing creative. All content in your creative will be reviewed including imagery, headline, body copy, etc. Creatives will remain “pending” during this process.

Creatives that pass the review process will be “approved” and will automatically start to display if the creatives status and campaign status are set to active. If your creative violates any of Zeeto’s policies, your creative will be “disapproved.” You’ll be notified of the policy violation so you have the opportunity to resubmit for approval. Learn more about Zeeto’s creative policies.

How Long it Takes

Most creatives are reviewed within 1 business day. If your ad is under review for more than 3 full business days, contact us.

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