Embedding a Placement

june 18, 2019

Embedding a ZAN placement into your website is simple! Before you get started, be sure to set up at least one theme and one monetization strategy for your placement. Once you have those two things in place it’s time to start making money!

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind ZAN’s placement experience works best in modern browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, IE v10+, and Safari.

How to Embed a Placement

Start by going to your placement’s ‘Embed Code’ tab, copy the ‘Header HTML’. Then locate the header of your website and paste it in. Your Placement’s ID is automatically added to the embed code for you, no need to edit. If you want to see what your Placement’s ID is, go to the settings tab.

Copy the ‘Body HTML’ from the embed code tab and paste it into the body of your website. The body HTML is not complete until you customize the visitor attributes, publisher attributes, and define what happens to the visitor once the placement ends.
NOTE: We recommend that you use a text editor when customizing your Body HTML, before pasting the embed code body into your site.

Define which visitor attributes will be dynamically passed from you to Zeeto. Reference the attributes key below or on the right side of the embed code tab in ZAN for guidance to correctly mapping attributes through your placement to Zeeto’s database. The more you tell us about your visitors the more campaigns they can be shown the more revenue potential.
NOTE: In cases where ZAN only gets the zip code without city and state from publishers, ZAN may use Geonames (http://www.geonames.org) to look up city and state.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. The Data is provided “as is” without warranty or any representation of accuracy, timeliness or completeness.

Customize the publisher attributes. Reference the attributes key below or on the right side of the embed code tab in ZAN for guidance. In a nutshell, these are the attributes you use for tracking.

Define what happens once your Zeeto Placement has “ended”. This means no more questions or campaigns will be shown to your visitor. The callback method is made available so you can listen for this event and then do something with the visitor such as redirect them to another page, show additional content, etc.

If you want the visitors to redirect to another destination at the end of the experience use the following.  Be sure to replace the example URL with your desired destination:

zan.on('zeeto.placementEnd', function(data) {
 window.location = "https://YourWebSite.com"

Configure a loading spinner to not display while ZAN loads. When a user initiates their ZAN placement experience, there can be a delay before the first question displays. In order to keep a seamless experience, ZAN automatically displays a spinner so the visitor knows something is happening.

If you want to turn ZAN’s loading spinner off or implement your own spinner, replace the function syntax in your placement’s Head HTML Embed Code with the following:


(function(w,d,s,p){ var z=w.zan=w.zan||[],f=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],j=d.createElement(s); z.b=[];z.p=p;z.e=1;z.on=function(e, cb){z.b.push({e:e,cb:cb})}; j.async=true; j.src='https://d1hdwri3zez2y9.cloudfront.net/zeeto.js'; f.parentNode.insertBefore(j, f); })(window, document, 'script', false)

Now that you’ve made all the needed customizations and embedded your placement’s code into your site, the placement is ready for some visitor action! Once set to active it will immediately begin working!

Zeeto Data Attributes with Valid Formatting

First Name
String that accepts special characters
Last Name
String that accepts special characters
String with proper email syntax
Physical Address
String that accepts special characters
Physical Address 2
address 2
String that accepts special characters
Physical Address City
City must be title cased
Physical Address State
Physical Address Zip Code
5 digit string is accepted. If more than 5 digits are passed in ZAN will only accept the first 5 digits. ZAN will remove all non-digits. If what remains has less than 5 digits, it will be rejected
Physical Address Country
The following abbreviations are acceptable
The following formats, located below, are acceptable. ZAN will automatically remove all spaces and punctuation as well change characters to all caps
Phone Number
ZAN will remove all non-digits. If what remains is 10 digits, we accept it. ZAN will reject 11 digits phone numbers unless the first digit is a 1 (country code for USA)
Date of Birth
Must be formatted as one of the following. Days and months can be with or without leading zero. Additionally, ZAN will reject a date of birth if it is not a date that has actually occurred
Custom Parameter 1-5
String that accepts special characters
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