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Easy implementation for fast monetization. Create an account, property & placement. Next, customize your placement’s theme and set up your monetization strategy. Lastly, embed the placement into your site and watch the money roll in!
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Frequently Ask Questions
What browsers does ZAN work with?

ZAN only works in Chrome. Sorry to all you Firefox or Safari diehards.

Do I control the amount of traffic that interacts with a placement?

Yes, you control the percentage of allocated traffic that interacts with a placement. We recommend driving at least 20% of traffic in order to see what the Zeeto Ad placement can do for you.

How does the revenue share work?

Zeeto’s payment comes out of the fees that the advertiser pays. The amount of your revenue share is determined between you and your account manager.

What can I control within my placements?

You can control the look and feel of your placement in order to match the overall experience of your site. You set the maximum number of questions that can be asked, as well as the number of ads that may be shown.

What is a Zeeto placement?

This is where you would host the Zeeto unit on your website. It’s simple, your visitors will be asked questions and will only be shown campaigns that relate to them. The placement seamlessly integrates with your overall user experience.

What does it cost me to use the Zeeto Ad Network?

Nothing, Nada, Zip, Zero. We don’t actually charge a fee for this killer system, we pay you. You can easily get started by pasting the ZAN embed code onto your web property and watch the money start rolling in! Easy as that.

How do questions and attributes work?

Zeeto’s real time bidding platform asks questions to visitors within our network of publishers in order to discover on demand data points. Every time a visitor gives an answer it uncovers an attribute that you can target your campaigns to.

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Easy implementation for fast monetization.
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