February 22, 2021

What it is:  oCPC is a Zeeto acronym for a click-based payment strategy focused on conversion optimization. With this bid strategy, an advertiser pays per click, however, ZAN will optimize your campaign for more conversions. oCPC is a Zeeto acronym that is very similar to Google Ads Enhanced Cost Per Click.

Why should you use it: Similar to oCPA, oCPC will prevent you from overpaying for accepted leads. 

Key Benefits: The advertiser gets to pay what they want per accepted lead.  It allows them to set the target price for the leads that they accept based on the specific criteria they have in their system and use the dynamic bidding adjustment tool in our platform so that those bids are adjusted accordingly on a cost per submitted basis.

How to implement: Requires pixels to fire. Set a CPC live, a purchase pixel that fires a purchase pixel back to ZAN. When ZAN receives 25 pixels fired, the oCPC function is made available for you to activate/turn on.

Easy implementation for fast monetization.
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