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What is the Zeeto Ad Network?

The majority of internet publishers are struggling to create revenue from their web traffic because they know very little about their users. They simply can not compete with Google and Facebook’s granular ad targeting capabilities. Zeeto changes the game for publishers by helping them discover custom data that even Google can’t access at scale...

How Does ZAN Work?

Our technology fits seamlessly into your site with just a short snippet of code. Once your placement is live our smart questions go to work to uncover the highest visitor attributes that generate ad inventory which is auctioned to your approved list of advertisers in the Zeeto Ad Network, ensuring you get top dollar for every impression...

6 Billion Possible Outcomes - How Does ZAN Manage the Auction?

Before the auction begins, ZAN identifies qualified advertisers and only selects those willing and able to buy lead data about this person in the auction. Some of the things ZAN looks for are...

What is Inquisitive Advertising?

Zeeto helps websites, apps, and publishers monetize their traffic with a unique approach – we ask questions to discover high value data points. Brands in turn use this valuable data to connect with existing and prospective clients in a more engaging and efficient way....


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Latest Updates

Auto-Pause Campaign on Lead Delivery Failures

May 20, 2021

From system outages to misconfigurations, consecutive lead delivery failures can cause auto-optimized bidding to bid down on your campaign and can cause the models to train on this bad data. Now, the system will pause a campaign after 30 consecutive lead delivery failures, at which point you will be notified and can take action if necessary.

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Company Balance

February 25, 2021

Now, your company balance, invoice due date, company credit limit, and your company projected balance are all available right when you sign in.

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Min Question eCPM

December 16, 2020

Sometimes you have to set a new bar of standards. If it isn’t good enough, move on! That’s exactly what we have rolled out with the Min Question eCPM located in the monetization configuration of your placement. If the next question’s predicted value is less than the minimum question eCPM set, it will end the placement and move on to bigger and better things. This will benefit you if there is something potentially more valuable after the placement. Try split testing different minimum question eCPM values to see which one works for you.

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