6 Billion Possible Outcomes - How Does ZAN Manage the Auction?

June 27, 2019

Before the auction begins, ZAN identifies qualified advertisers and only selects those willing and able to buy lead data about this person in the auction.  Some of the things ZAN looks for are:

Which advertiser is bidding the most? ZAN's primary goal is to generate the maximum potential revenue to you from every person you send to your ZAN placement.

Which advertiser has the best net bid based on expected conversion? ZAN knows how well each cohort converts on each campaign.

How does ZAN expect this user to answer the question? As ZAN learns about your users, ZAN can better anticipate the attributes your users are likely to have, and therefore how they are likely to answer.

How much net revenue does ZAN expect to generate for you? When you leverage your existing advertiser relationships in ZAN, you earn a higher share of the revenue generated.

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