February 19, 2021

What it is:  oCPA is used on our SOI campaigns and is a tool that we have the option to turn on an SOI campaign, the system reviews the bids every hour, and based on your lead delivery rate it will modify your bid amount to calculate behind the scenes the accurate dollar amount per accepted lead.


If you pay $1 pp, and you only accept 50% of the leads we send you, the next hour the system will learn and bid them down by 50% to make sure that is still upright on the backend.  This means that you are only paying what they want to pay per accepted lead on the backend.

Why should you use it: If you are paying $1pp per lead and you are only accepting 50% of leads, using oCPA will prevent you from overpaying for accepted leads. 

Key Benefits: The advertiser gets to pay what they want per accepted lead.  It allows them to set the target price for the leads that they accept based on the specific criteria they have in their system and use the dynamic bidding adjustment tool in our platform so that those bids are adjusted accordingly on a cost per submitted basis.

How to implement: oCPA is located in the Settings tab near the top of the page in Auto Optimized Bidding. This is where you can toggle it on/off (with the circle on the right side indicating it is on). oCPA is defaulted to off.

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