June 25, 2019

Target your ideal audience and discover of customers you haven’t tapped into yet! ZAN’s targeting abilities were strategically designed to give you the ability to easily bid different amounts on a wide range of audiences and learn what your perfect customers look like.

1. Choose properties you want to create custom bidding targets for.
– If ‘Run of Network’ is turned on ( look at the Networks tab within your campaign) then skip to the next step.
– Only properties with a status set to “Include” can be added.

2. Choose your audience’s age.
– We recommend that you bid different amounts based on age in order to learn the value of age groups for you.
Example: If your audience is greater than or equal to 45 years old and you bid differently by 20-year increments you’ll get groups like 45-64, 65-84…..etc
– Include visitors whose age is not specified and bid lower on these leads. There’s a chance that the customer you’re looking for is coming from a publisher who didn’t collect age.

3. Decide what gender you want to target.
– Try showing your campaign to everyone and bidding different by gender. You’ll be able to bid higher and lower on either gender and you’ll be able to bid on users who came to ZAN from a publisher that didn’t collect gender info. There is a 50/50 chance an unknown lead will be the gender you’re looking for.

4. Determine if you have locations you want to include or exclude from seeing your campaign. You can use zip codes or state abbreviations.
– Allow ZAN to infer it from the location of a visitor via their IP. This feature is only used when a visitor comes to ZAN from a publisher that didn’t collect location info.
– Need help finding zip codes? FreeMapTools allows you to specify a point and a radius to find all the zip codes found inside that radius.

5. Decide which devices you want your campaign to be viewed on.
– If your campaign is not designed for a certain device type then we recommend choosing to show your campaign to all types and choose to bid differently so you can see the different value between device users.
– If you are targeting mobile or tablet then take advantage of ZAN’s ability to target and bid differently on operating systems (Android or iOS).

6. Determine if you have email domains you want to exclusively show or exclude from seeing your campaign.

7. Decide which visitor attributes you want to target. This is the most important step of the targeting process. It can be a little complicated so here are a couple examples to see how it works.
Example 1: I’m selling beauty product online so I’m looking for customers who love beauty products AND who shop online. I would structure my target like the screenshot below:

Example 2: I have a sweepstake that is giving away a free camping trip. I am looking for a user who likes the outdoors OR traveling. I would structure my target like the screenshot below:

-select bid differently amounts on these attributes

8. Click ‘Save’ to generate your targets into the bids tab.

9. Now that you’ve created your targets you can start bidding!

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