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June 27, 2019


What happens after a visitor clicks on your ad and lands on your site? With the magic of pixels you can find out exactly what they do. Fire pixel events when something is clicked, opened, purchased, etc. and gain valuable insights. You can also pass in revenue information to record how much money each action is making you. Pixels are completely optional except if you are using Cost Per Acquisition for your campaign rate type. If that’s the case you need to use pixels and you must pass the e0 event type.

How to set up pixel tracking?

1. Select Pixel as your tracking method, within the tracking tab.

2. Select or add a pixel that ZAN will use assign to your campaign.

NOTE: Pixels belong to your account and can be assigned to multiple campaigns at once.  

3. Take the pixel provided to you. Place the pixel where your goal conversion will occur and ZAN will record the conversion when the pixel fires.

Tracking Event Types

Learn the lifetime value (LTV) of the leads you acquire from ZAN by using one of the available event types when your server tell Zeeto’s server a conversion has occurred.

Click: ze=e1
Open: ze=e2
View: ze=e3
Lead: ze=e4
Purchase: ze=e5

Track the revenue generated by Including “zr=[INSERT YOUR REVENUE VALUE]” with your LTV postback events. ZAN will collect the data and report on it. You can use decimal points up to the hundreds. Be sure to include an ‘&’ before adding in revenue.

Revenue Examples:

<iframe src=""/>

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