How Does ZAN Work?

June 27, 2019

Our technology fits seamlessly into your site with just a short snippet of code. Once your placement is live our smart questions go to work to uncover the highest visitor attributes that generate ad inventory which is auctioned to your approved list of advertisers in the Zeeto Ad Network, ensuring you get top dollar for every impression.

You decide when a Zeeto placement is triggered and what user experience you want. ZAN creates a sliver of javascript that you place on your site.

You define the data points you are comfortable collecting from users entering your ZAN placement. The more data points you allow increases the revenue potential from ZAN.

ZAN uses machine-learning driven smart questions to discover high value attributes from each user and match those characteristics to brands and advertisers looking for this specific type of consumer.  

A real-time auction determines what, if any, advertisements to show each user based on the answers (a.k.a. attributes) that is based on what brands and advertisers are most relevant for this specific user and what will generate the highest potential revenue for you.  

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