What is the Zeeto Ad Network?

June 27, 2019

Google built one of the largest internet brands by letting consumers ask questions. Zeeto flips the paradigm by asking consumers questions, creating a new way of discovering data at scale.

The majority of internet publishers are struggling to create revenue from their web traffic because they know very little about their users. They simply can not compete with Google and Facebook’s granular ad targeting capabilities. Zeeto changes the game for publishers by helping them discover custom data that even Google can’t access at scale.

Zeeto’s network of publishers allows us to ask millions of questions every day. The data that is generated from the Zeeto Advertising Network (ZAN) is so powerful, advertisers are willing to pay up to $2,000 CPM to show their ads against it. Some trusted brands who have advertised across the network include Disney, Royal Caribbean, and Uber.  In aggregate, the technology has generated over $181.6M of revenue for publishers and over 2 billion questions have been asked to-date.

Our real-time bidding platform asks questions and discovers, on-demand, data points about the visitors in the Zeeto publisher network. Use this data to connect with existing and prospective clients with more relevance and efficiency.


Connect with existing and prospective clients with more relevance and efficiency.


Maximize revenue by leveraging automation and sophisticated algorithms that prioritize questions with the highest demand to yield optimal performance.


Embed a seamless new revenue source beyond basic ads to monetize your traffic without contextual interference.

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